The Language of Flowers

Did you know that herbs and flowers speak their own language?


fall bride(ABOVE) For a fall bridal bouquet, roses and blanket flowers combine well with a dozen different herbs, including sage, lamb’s ears, tarragon, feverfew, oregano, and pineapple mint.

In the Language of Flowers, different interpretations were sometimes given to the same herb or flower. Included here are only those meanings which might pertain to weddings.

agapanthus—love letters

allium—unity, patience, luck

alstroemeria—friendship, pleasantries

alyssum—worth beyond beauty


amaryllis—splendid beauty

ambrosia—love returned

anemone—sincerity, expectation

angelica—inspiration, protection

apple blossom—preference

aster—daintiness, patience

baby’s breath—commitment, festivity, pure heart

bachelor’s button—single blessedness

basil—best wishes, love token

bay laurel—success, achievement

bellflower—gratitude, constancy


bouvardia—enthusiasm, long life

boxwood—endurance, faithfulness

burnet—for a merry heart


calendula—joy, good health, affection

calla lily—magnificent beauty

camellia—contentment, beauty

canterbury bell—acknowledgment


carnation—bonds of affection, admiration


chamomile—patience, energy in adversity


chrysanthemum—cheerfulness, serenity, mirth

clover (four leaf)—good luck

coral bells—dainty pleasures

crocus—youthful gladness

pink herb bouquet(LEFT) Here is a charming bouquet composed of pink roses (‘The Fairy’) and pink flowering herbs like coral bells, larkspur, monarda, saponaria, veronica, and yarrow.

crocus— youthful gladness

daffodil—regard, respect, gracefulness

daisy—innocence, simplicity, affection

delphinium—well-being, sweetness, beauty

dianthus—bonds of affection

dill—irresistible, soothing

dogwood—love undiminished by adversity

fennel—worthy of all praise

fern—fascination, sincerity

feverfew—warmth, protection


forget-me-not—don’t forget me, true love


gardenia—joy, secret love, ecstasy


globe amaranth—unfading love

goldenrod—encouragement, good fortune

heather—wishes come true, good luck

heliotrope—devotion, faithfulness

holly—foresight, domestic happiness


honeysuckle—generous and devoted affection


hyacinth (white)—unobtrusive loveliness

hydrangea—devotion, remembrance

iris—message, promise

ivy—fidelity, marriage, friendship

jasmine—sweet love, grace

juniper—protection, welcome to new home

lady’s mantle—comfort

lamb’s ears—gentleness, support


lavender—luck, devotion, happiness

lemon balm comfort—sympathy

lemon verbena—the herb of Venus, enchantment

lilac— humility, beauty, modesty

lilac—purple first emotions of love

lilac—white youthful innocence

lily—white purity, sweetness

lily of the valley—return of happiness

lovage—hidden virtues

love-in-a-mist—twice kissed

marjoram joy—happiness, kindness, blushes

mignonette—quiet sweetness

mimosa—secret love

mint—warmth of feeling, virtue


myrtle—true love, marriage, fidelity

orange blossoms—a fruitful marriage, youth, purity


pansy—loving thoughts, memories, yearning

parsley—festivity, thanks, gratitude, feasting

peony—shy, bashful, beauty

phlox—proposal of love, our souls are united

pine—loyalty, spiritual energy, endurance

pinks—always lovely, newlyweds, affection

Queen Anne’s lace—haven, protection

ranunculus—you are radiant with charms

rose—beauty, love, congratulations, unity

roses, peach—desire

rose, pink—secret love

rose, red—passion, desire, joy, love, luck

rose, white—innocence

rose, yellow—friendship

rosemary—remembrance, devotion, fidelity

rue—virtue, vision, grace, beginning anew

sage—long life, domestic tranquillity

salvia, blue—I think of you, wisdom

scented geranium—comfort, happiness

star-of-Bethlehem—guidance, purity

statice—forever yours, gratitude


stock—lasting beauty

sunflower—loyalty, adoration

sweet basil—good wishes

sweet cicely—gladness

sweet pea—delicate pleasures, blissful

tarragon—lasting involvement

thyme—courage, activity

tulip—the perfect lover, happy years

tulip, red—declaration of love

valerian—accommodating disposition

verbena—marriage, fertility


viburnum—good news, jubilation

violet—I return your love, modesty, simplicity

wheat—riches, prosperity, fertility

woodruff—humility, rejoicing

yarrow—everlasting love

zinnia—thoughts of absent friends


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