The Herbal Centerpiece

Herbs belong at the table, in wonderful wedding centerpieces


herbal centerpieceFresh herbs are a natural on the dinner table! Since your guests will be spending more time at the reception than elsewhere, it makes sense to concentrate on decorations for this area. Guest tables may receive a centerpiece, topiary, candles, live herb plants, strewing herbs, or even an interesting stack of books on herbs to stimulate the imagination! Anything herbal will do nicely.

A little garden of herbs and flowers makes a wonderful centerpiece. The basket must be lined with plastic before the plants are added. Arrange your plants and fill the basket with potting soil. Cut material can also be added by hiding floral tubes in the soil. Use green moss to cover any empty spots.

It is easy to make up living baskets ahead of time. Just tend to them like any other potted plant. Decorative flower pots with saucers also work well. Group small herbs together (labels will help your guests identify the varieties) or display a single, larger plant.

Rectangular tables look sweet with a string of little herb plants marching down the center, or with a long herbal swag. To mark the guest tables, miniature clay pots (available fromtable number 5 craft stores) can be fitted with wet floral foam and filled in with cuttings of herbs such as fresh thyme, oregano blossoms, lavender, lemon balm, myrtle, nepeta, mint, yarrow, or feverfew. Insert the table number amongst the herbs. (Be sure to use a saucer, or you will have to plug the hole in the bottom of the pot.)

Instead of table numbers, why not seat your guests at tables with a single herb theme such as lavender (for luck) or basil (for best wishes)? Favors placed on each table might include baby herb plants or a recipe utilizing the featured herb.

Cut herbs and flowers (and rose petals) can also be strewn about the table accompanied by a grouping of candles. Material should be conditioned ahead of time and kept cool. Thirty minutes before guests arrive at their places, trim the stems to about an inch. Good choices include scented geranium, larkspur, myrtle, rosemary, yarrow, heather, snapdragon, miniature roses and carnations, waxflowers, alstroemeria, eucalyptus, and lavender.

From Herbal Weddings: Herbal Traditions for the Modern Bride, Complete with Recipes and Step-by-Step Instructions for Bouquets and Decorations, © 2010 Endeavor Enterprizes. All rights reserved.


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