Herbal Wedding Favors

Share your love of herbs by introducing these ancient customs to your family and friends.


lavender wands(LEFT) The lavender wand is a wonderful favor that is easy to make. If you would like the instructions, click here.

There are many ways to incorporate herbs into your wedding theme. Have you thought about giving your guests a bit of an education about an herbal wedding? Perhaps a little note or booklet with some interesting facts or an introduction to the Language of Flowers would pique their interest. Sharing your love of herbs can be as easy as creating a little document such as this, printing it out on your computer (or hand writing it if you wish it to be more intimate.)

Little potted herb plants are another way to share herbs with your friends. Let them choose the ones that appeal to them. Your local garden center should have a nice selection of culinary herbs such as thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, lemon balm, and more.

Fresh lavender is aromatic and much beloved. Fresh stems can be grown in most any climate or can be ordered from a florist or online. Tie the stems with pretty ribbon and you’re done. Or make little sachets by encasing fresh lavender buds in cotton fabric tied off with raffia, ribbon, or string. Lavender sachets will perfume a linen or clothing drawer for at least a year. Your guests will love this old-fashioned scent and remember your wedding long after it passes!

From Herbal Weddings: Herbal Traditions for the Modern Bride, Complete with Recipes and Step-by-Step Instructions for Bouquets and Decorations, © 2010 Endeavor Enterprizes. All rights reserved.


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